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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
no-img_eng.png Title: Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control Authors: JL WIE Rating: 0 Hits: 461 Status: Available
no-img_eng.png Title: Primer of Reliability Theory Authors: Doris Lloyd Grosh Rating: 0 Hits: 472 Status: Available
cover Title: Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World Authors: Richard Heinberg Rating: 0 Hits: 483 Status: Available
cover Title: Principles of Information Systems: A Managerial Approach Authors: Ralph M. Stair Rating: 1 Hits: 485 Status: Available
cover Title: TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis Authors: Ian Stewart, Vann Joines Rating: 0 Hits: 500 Status: Available
no-img_eng.png Title: Systemic Leadership Learning Authors: Mostert, M. Rating: 3 Hits: 502 Status: Lent from - until
2015-06-26 / 2015-07-26
no-img_eng.png Title: Principles of Power System Authors: V. K. Mehta Rating: 0 Hits: 509 Status: Available
no-img_eng.png Title: THE DESIGN OF COST MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Authors: ROBIN COOPER and ROBERT S. KAPLAN Rating: 0 Hits: 512 Status: Available
cover Title: The New Alchemists Authors: Charles Handy, Elizabeth Handy Rating: 0 Hits: 529 Status: Available
cover Title: Simple Minds: Glittering Prize Authors: Dave Thompson Rating: 0 Hits: 534 Status: Available
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